On this page, you can discover what's in the site, read about future updates and how you can contribute, and find information on donations to charities.


What's in the Site

Below is a list of the sections of the site, along with a short description. Click on a section name to jump to that section.

Articles and Appreciations

This section contains Remembering Gigi, a personal memoir from close friend and colleague Shula Wilson; Alistair Beaton's words at Gigi's funeral; tributes to Gigi from participants in the ESCP (European Society of Communicative Psychotherapy) Conference 2003, which was dedicated to Gigi, who was a founder member.


These are brief messages sent by people all over the world - friends and colleagues who were touched by Gigi in all kinds of ways. Most of them are in English. We've reproduced and translated those that were received in Italian.

Gigi's Career

Lists just some of the areas where Gigi gained professional training and experience. A Prospectus entry for The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling describes the background to her work as a course tutor.

Of course Gigi's work in psychology and psychotherapy was her second career. Her previous career was in cinema, television, theatre and radio, as both actress and writer.

Addio - an Italian Farewell

Includes Terry's words for the priest (written in Italian and translated into English) at Gigi's funeral, and an account of the day of the funeral by Viv Doyle.


This section mostly contains poems written for and about Gigi.

Gigi herself was passionate about poetry, and about all forms of writing. This section also contains a few pieces Gigi was fond of reciting.

From Gigi to Terry

Some things Gigi said during her last weeks.


Future Updates

Future updates of the site will contain materials from Gigi's workshops and seminars, including Greek Island Seminars (Co-Founder with Shula Wilson) and the Centre for Self Analysis, Lake Garda, Italy (Founder).

Later updates will also include Gigi's writings (amongst other things she left an unfinished novel, a complex and highly personal account of a journey into self-processing and self-analysis). The writings will also incorporate details of her seminars and workshops, conducted in the UK, Italy and Greece.


Help Update the Site

Gigi, as those who knew her will testify, was wonderfully dynamic. We'd also like her site to be dynamic. Get in touch via the Contact Page to see how you can help us make it so.

We'd like to incorporate any additions and suggestions you might have-messages, memories or other contributions. Please fill in the on-screen form and press send.

Gigi's work was too important not to be continued. We'd like the site to stimulate ideas and initiatives for continuing her pioneering discoveries and applications - especially in self-processing, self-analysis, dream work and creativity. Please help us update!



You might be interested to know that some people have contributed donations on behalf of Gigi to a variety of organizations or charities.

These include: