2 Poems by Alessandra

Good bye

Good bye beautiful;
you, the one with the sky in the eyes.

Good bye, passionate;
more alive than
any word for love and death.

Hear us!

We dive into your consciousness
and lull you
in blue tranquillity.

Hold us.

We accompany you along
the out-breath that will dissolve you,
into the `other'.

Translation by Carlo


Addio, meravigliosa
tu, quella con il cielo
negli occhi

Addio, appassionata
piu' viva di qualsiasi parola
d'amore e di morte


Noi ci tuffiamo nella tua coscienza
e ti culliamo nella
tranquillita' celeste


Noi ti accompagnamo lungo
il respiro che ti dissolvera'
in pace
nell'altro mondo

March 21 2004

You, that has remained,
I embrace you
And hold you
While time passes
And heals our wounds.

You, that has gone,
Your indestructible gift
Remains with us
As powerful as the forces
That cohere the Universe.

We, from earth,
Call it Love.