3 Poems by Sean

Sonnet For A Lady

The lady has a knowing way
Though sometimes I am mystified
By what she does and what she says
My spirit though is satisfied,

Her gaze is like the morning sun
That freshly mints each summer day,
And brings the flowers one by one
To raise their heads to God and pray,

She speaks in tones that reassure,
Her friends feel easy by her side,
Her music form and pitch is pure
Unadorned by artful pride,
In quiet times she gently lies
Upon my thinking harmonised.

An Evening With Old Friends

On song we were.
As memories moved our voices
Animated by the thrill
Of old times lived again

Drawing our eyelids
Past the sepia haze
Of all our yesterdays
To rejuvenate our gaze.

We saw each other
As we are, the freshly minted
Images of other days, now
Mellowed by the ferment of our lives

From the crucible of
All our pasts poured forth
Our essence in communion
As we shared the sacrament

Of the present moment and
Nourished by our differences,
Drew courage from each other
For the moments yet to come.

To one who comes now and then

When you come in the shadows melt away,
shooshed by your breezy presence,
the cup that revives appears in an instant
to leaven talk of the day and
hitch our wavelengths together,

Strange, this ability to communicate
without trying, almost implicit
are our thoughts revealed,
as we empty our frustrations, then,
dissipated they recede and take their place,

We plan for the present and the determinate future
etched in diaries of our minds,
possibilities rise to score
on our uneven target and
fall to earth in the crucible of living,

In our uniqueness we chart our paths,
meandering, converging and diverging
yielding strengths to one another
through our petite pain existence
full of goodness, full of life.